For a few months, an economic crisis is going on in Sri Lanka, a country close to India. People are having trouble buying things. A few days ago, people got angry and occupied the President’s house of Sri Lanka. Now the new President has been elected but the condition of Sri Lanka is not improving. Ranil Wickremesinghe who is also the Finance Minister of Sri Lanka has been elected as the new President.

The condition of Pakistan also seems to be similar to that of Sri Lanka. Pakistan’s foreign reserve is getting exhausted. Things are expensive in Pakistan, if this condition is not rectified, then the condition of Pakistan is going to be similar to Sri Lanka. If anyone can save Pakistan, it is the IMF. But let us tell you that Pakistan has always been found suspicious in the matter of funding terrorism.

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The politics of Pakistan runs only in the name of America and India. You will always see the leaders of Pakistan speaking against America. When Imran Khan’s government fell and Shehbaz Sharif’s government came into power, Imran Khan said that this is a plotting by America.

If no country comes to Pakistan’s help and Pakistan’s condition continues to deteriorate like this, then Pakistan’s economic crisis will be bigger than the Sri Lanka. Because their debt is massive. New jobs are not being created in Pakistan, investment is not coming from outside and the leader’s focus is on corruption. In this situation, the inflation rate in Pakistan is going to be very high. Inflation in Pakistan has gone above 21.32% so far. Imran Khan and Shehbaz Sharif both thought that they would be able to buy cheap oil from Russia but both of them failed. If you think that China will help Pakistan, then it is not so at all. China itself is going through an economic crisis. A few days ago, it was reported that people in China are giving watermelon to pay the installments.

Property sales in China are showing a decline of 30%. In this condition, the common citizens of China got scared and started withdrawing money from their banks. When so many people started asking for money, the banks refused to give money, so people got angry. Some videos had surfaced in which it appeared that military tanks have been used to protect Chinese banks.

In 2019, the IMF had said that they would do a 39-month program with Pakistan, under which they would provide $ 6 billion to Pakistan. According to this, Pakistan had to follow the IMF but Pakistan does not listen to everything from the IMF. Some cases came to light in which Pakistan was seen funding terrorist organizations. That’s why IMF has kept Pakistan in the gray list.

In a worldwide democracy, if a country wants to talk to other countries, then the Prime Minister, President, or any other minister of the country talks but the military officer never talks. But Pakistan shows its true form in times of crisis. Now the Army Chief of Pakistan is asking help from America to request the IMF to release the fund of $1.17 billion to Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Army Chief Bajwa has never studied economics, yet why is he talking to the American government? This proves that the real power control in Pakistan is in the hands of the Pakistan Army. The army chief of Pakistan has got the leaders of the opposition to sign an agreement under which all the leaders will have to come together and save Pakistan from this crisis.

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